Investing for profit

This site creates and curates investment information for smart people like you.

No VC funding. No marketing team. No weird mission statement.
We are doing this for fun and profit. Just like you.
autonomous alpha creation
ILTR was started as a way to collect data that simply doesn’t exist today. I want to train machine learning systems on high-quality sentiment data. This is 100% opt-in and will be obviously marked. **This data will be shared with members. 🔥
Building world-class datasets & trading systems
Gathering accurate in-the-moment data on how people feel about certain stocks and index funds.
Inflection Points
Fast insights into what is happening in the market
Looking at interesting moments in public securities. From IPOs to earnings reports we plan to make it easy to keep tabs on what is happening in the general market.
why do all finance sites look the same?
Who is this for?
Ideally anyone can use ILTR. There will be some content on the education pages for introductory concepts. Generally speaking I will target a prosumer audience that has a good grasp on the basics already. Advanced topics like automating trading with machine learning will be covered.
How do you make money?
From viewers like you.
A ton of this content is free. If you want even more from Invest Like the Rest there is a Pro plan that unlocks all the rest of the content. This is sold in 1 year subscriptions to limit bad actors.

I make money by producing quality content that saves you time and keeps you sane. I don’t have an app I need to shill or a broker that skims fees on transactions.

In the future there may be more involved education courses or machine learning features that I hope you will pay for. Sign up for the beta here if you want that stuff early.

We will get into each of these areas, likely in this order. We need to nail ease of access and simplicity. That is why we are starting with a newsletter, and then will concentrate on adding easy to read charts for stocks.

After that we will move into education, written for real people. Not like textbooks or wikis. Sarcastic and starting from the basics then working into the crazy stuff.

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